Entry #1

Hooray bad timing!

2007-08-31 20:00:03 by Yotam

Meh, I was just about to start a Flash, was trying to get my friend to voice act, and his mic broke just as he started. Bad timing sucks. ;P


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2007-08-31 21:18:09

if you need someone to voice act apart from your friend i'm available for any role just pm me ;)

Yotam responds:

Will do o:


2007-08-31 23:05:13

kill your friend

Yotam responds:

No thank you.


2007-09-01 00:28:39

You're from israel?

Yotam responds:

Yes. And?


2007-09-15 19:26:15

And if only my voice didn't suck.

Yotam responds:

Iiif only. :D